Arto, have a car.
Want to invest in a dynamic transportation startup in Russia?
What we are?
Arto is a P2P service that allows individuals or businesses to rent out vehicles that drivers can rent for car-sharing or taxi.
USD 1 m
Vehicles worth under management
Annual rate of return for investors buying cars
Arto's revenue rate, commission-based
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It's Arto! And you can make money with us if you have a car. If you don't have a car, we'll get you one. So that you can make money anyway.
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What problem are we addressing?
There's no easy and flexible way to rent a car for the purpose of taxi or medium- to long-term personal reasons.
What solution do we offer?
Being a P2P service we are a link between individual investors or companies and drivers. Investors can buy a car and earn on investment, while drivers get a flexibility of renting a vehicle and earning on Uber-like services.
What is the product?
We operate a fleet of cars worth USD 1 m that drivers can rent to make money while providing taxi services as well as driving for personal purposes.
What's our vision today, in a year, in 5 years?
Today, we are a car rental service in Moscow focusing on lending cars to Russians and foreigners coming to Russia in search of making decent living while working as taxi drivers.
In a year, we are expanding to one more city in Russia which has lower turnover of drivers and cars. We will be able to transfer older cars used previously in Moscow to this city and make more money for investors while lending cars there.
In 5 years, we are a car rental service with European presence allowing both long-term and short-term (a few hours) rentals for taxi and private purposes alike.
How big is our addressable market?
Moscow has more than 300,000 people actively in search of long-term car rentals for taxi and private reasons.
Who are competitors, direct and indirect?
  • Small, medium and large taxi companies who lend owned cars to taxi drivers
  • Booming car-sharing sector companies who are specialising in short-term rentals
  • Uber-like services, e.g. Yandex.Taxi who are already operating a fleet of car-sharing vehicles and taxis
  • Traditional car rental companies
  • Like-services: Drover in UK, Splend in Australia, Getaround in US.
Sounds familiar? Why are we different?
If this sounds familiar to you, we'll explain in what way we're different from other services.

  • First, we're focused on dedicated investors who plan making 15% annually on a car. It's not that your investment stands idly and no one rents it.
  • Second, our focus is really taxi and long-term car-sharing. We know the market and see its needs.
  • Third, we're operating in Russia with plans to enter other cities than Moscow and expand internationally.

How does our business work? How do we plan to make money?
We have no financial burden of owning any cars that we operate. The whole fleet is shared across private investors and companies. An estimated 15% rate of return attracts more investors to buy cars.
We are making money by charging a 15% commission of earnings that we provide to investors. The rent is paid for by drivers through our service.
Where are we today? What key milestones do we want to achieve during the next 12 months?
Today, we operate a fleet of cars worth USD 1 m in Moscow on a software platform that integrates functionality for charging drivers a daily rent, as well as managing road fines and reporting back to investors their weekly revenue.
In next 12 month, we add a convenience for drivers to seamlessly rent a car through an Android app and start making money while driving as taxi. We plan to add another Russian city to our platform.
All this needs to be supported by thorough legal frameworking securing relationships with investors, drivers and local governments.
Who are we? Why are we the right team to build this?
We're three founders with diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise.

  • Grigory Petrosyan is most experienced and valuable for dealing with drivers and hiring people on operational side of business.
  • Oleg Guzey's field is everything related to software development and systems integration.
  • Mikhail Grozovskii is responsible for strategic development, marketing and business relations.
We employ 6 people with responsibilities for driver relations, finance, security, fleet servicing.
And this how we operate
Contact us:
I'm Mike, and I co-founded Arto. Contact me on +7-926-011-83-39, and this is our startup pitch deck.